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Things I miss

It's been three months since I departed Bellingham. I've been warned to expect a depression phase as the excitement of the new adventure wanes. I'm definitely still in excitement phase, but I'm starting to miss a few things quite a bit.

Moira, Arthur, and Kaleb. Moira is my favorite person on the planet. She has a golden heart and a tender manner with others that I respect so much. She has a great energy inside her that this picture displays. The best meal we cooked together. Steak wrapped lobster. Really miss you Pnut.

Steve and Nancy. They're wonderful people. I can't say just golfing with Steve. That's just what we do together. I miss his presence. He's a role model in terms of his enthusiasm for life and his optimistic attitude. Miss you buddy.

Marni. I love that we can talk and share. We are a lot a like and I've told Marni things that nobody else knows about me. We have some of the same hangups, flaws, etc. Miss you Sis. One of the first things I will want to do upon a return is make soap together again.

Tony, Mike, and Brian. Crib night was sacred. I'm sorry guys, but this was something I needed to do. Race season hasn't been the same without Tony. Seahawk games haven't been the same without Brian pacing. Crib isn't the same not double skunking Mike. I know Kathy will add a bit of class to the game that I couldn't.

My colleagues at school. Mad respect for the math department. They all have great passions and bring different elements of professionalism to the job. So many other teachers and paras that enthusiastically look to help kids in different ways. I miss Shane's quit wit. I miss Patrick's leadership with the ASB. I miss Paige's caring heart. Too many to list them all.

Duder MacGruder. I miss my puppy. I wouldn't even mind him waking me up in the middle of the night because he needed to cuddle up against my legs. Our walks around the off leash trails at Padden were fun. We spent most nights before bed with him in my lap watching sprint cars on the TV. Moira has been kind enough to send me videos and pics. I really appreciate that Pnut.

Golf. I have a tee time Sunday, but I haven't been on a golf course in three months. I don't care how I hit the ball at all. I just want to soak it in. And yes, that's ice on the water. So cool.

My back deck. Sitting there with a beverage. Gentle breeze. Duder sleeping in a sun beam. That was mine and mine alone. Didn't need anyone else there. It's a solitude that I haven't found a parallel for yet here in Hangzhou. Yet.

Mom. Her memory is now officially Swiss cheese. Well, her short term memory. Now she sort of leans on memories from long ago. They are more on the rare side, but hearing about happy memories was nice. She was pretty excited to hold Arthur this day.

Yeah, I miss a lot of people, but this has been totally worth it. The teaching challenges are making me question my practices from the past that I took for granted. I've been on a few dates and it's making me question what I would like to find in a partner for life. What's important to me? What sort of teacher do I want to be? What sorts of things can I learn in this new place? Not just about me, but other people that have lived lives sometimes very different from mine.

So far, all good in the Asian hood.

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Share the same feeling as Durk. Miss you sooo much. Have been on the course a few times and had to pause, felt a tear coming on, missing your presence. It's not just the golf, it's the comradarie, the love. Still, so proud of you for taking this adventure and journey of self-discovery.

Me gusta

Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
15 oct 2022

Just know, you are missed tremendously on this side of the pond. Trying brisket for the first time on the smoker, hoping it turns out. Oh, and just so you are aware-last week Brian and I left Tony & Kath in the stinkhole twice in a row... not sure why they weren't as happy about it as Brian & I 😁

Me gusta
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