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Three days of golf

Played 18 holes three days in a row. I've been on the verge of what feels like a very good round, but I haven't been playing enough for that to happen.

Sunday: Played Shuksan with Tony, his son Adam, and Adam's friend Lars. Shot an 81 in terrible conditions. The fairways were baked to brown dirt in many places and the greens were consistently like waffle irons. I felt bad for the greens keepers. Apparently they don't have water for whatever reason and the grass is dead all over the place. The conditions were ugly, but still had a good time and felt good about how I was playing.

Monday: Played the Bellingham Country Club with Nicole Medcalf. Shot an 86. Didn't score well, but was happy with how I hit the ball. Struggled a bit off the tee. Nicole did her student teaching with me about 20 years ago. We hit it off well and she's been a good friend and colleague through the years. We went through divorce around the same time and it was nice to share stories and feelings about what that was like, as well as continuing forward with an ex that you'll always be tied to in some way sharing children. Her friend Taya joined us on the back nine.

Tuesday: Hung out with my mom a bit and got in a good walk this morning. We talked about our family gathering in Tacoma this coming weekend. Her memory is such that when we pick her Saturday morning she won't remember what we're doing or where we're going. I've tried to direct conversations more towards older happy memories. She likes to talk about spending time at her Auntie Mildred's place as well as when Moira was very young and they spent a lot of time together.

Golf today was showing up as a single at North Bellingham. I don't mind joinging strangers and actually have come to rather enjoy it. Meet some new people. The vast majority of people on the course are very cool and just looking to have some fun. Today the head pro Nate put me with a single named Cole Ward. Cole just finished sixth grade. I've played with Cole's dad Matt before. Matt is a great golfer. Cole is well on his way to being a great player as well. Yeah, this is me on my knee next to Cole. He hits it pretty far for a small dude.

Cole and I had fun and both played well. Having the right partner can have a positive impact on your game. I started with pars on the first two holes, but that's not a surprise. I start par-par a lot, but the third and fourth holes at North Bell are a big hurdle for me. Lots of trouble off the tee and I have started to play both holes cautiously. Well, today it worked out well and I parted them both. It only got better throwing down pars on the first eight holes. A snap hook with a three iron later and I posted a double boagie on the ninth. That's a 38 on the front nine. For me, that's a great start. Seriously. I don't often score that well.

Cole had to depart after nine holes because he had a match later in the day. Okay. On my own I joined the threesome behind me. Kathy, Steve, and Dave. Interesting. A pair of players named Steve and Dave. The back started with two more pars. A boagie on a 12 and a birdie on 14 put me at two over par for the round so far. Kathy, Steve, and Dave departed after 14 holes because it was taking too long to get around. It took just over five hours to play all 18 today. No problem, I joined the threesome in front of me. Names? Steve, Dave, and Chris. Yeah, another Steve and and Dave on the golf course. How bizarre is that? When my buddy Steve gets home Thursday I'm sure we'll get many round in together over the next three weeks. We've played A LOT of golf together over the last ten years.

Three more pars and I was on the 18th tee box at two over. A boagie there after I missed the green and failed to get up and down put me at 75. I'm pretty sure that's my fourth best score ever at North Bell. Today was a good day. Not only a good scoring day, but I got to play with seven different people.

My mantra on the course now is "Hit a good one and smile. Hit a bad one and laugh." I'm happy to be not only saying this, but living it. I've been an angry golfer before. Never want to go back to being that guy ever again.

Final note: I've had some food cravings that I'm checking off one at a time. Today it was an "I love NY" sandwich from Gandolfos Deli. Stacked pastrami and corned beef on rye with Russian dressing. Good stuff.

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