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Did some serious shopping in Tianzifang. A small collection of narrow alleys with tons of little shops.

My favorite was a tiny tea shop. The gal working there kept handing me different flavors of tea. The Jasmine was by far the best. I dropped some serious money in that joint and purchased several items. Nearly cost me $20USD.

The description on this sign nailed it. These alleys have the old feel of ancient Shanghai while simultaneously bringing the modern aspect to life. Shanghai is a very modern city that embraces its history, but it has a very different vibe than Hangzhou. Shanghai doesn't have the lush green hills and nature that surround Hangzhou. It's more of a modern western city feel with one major difference than you'll find in the states. Shanghai is clean, like squeaky clean. Same for Hangzhou. The cities take extra effort to make sure the streets are spotless.

Of course I haven't been all over this mega city, but I have yet to see anything that looks like drugs, homelessness, or evidence of crime. It's got to exist, right? This city sprawls like few others. According to every list I can find it's second only to Tokyo in population. Shanghai also has a very international feeling. In fact, it seems to be the home to the antigovernment movement here. Beijing is the capital and there's serious nationalism feelings there 24/7. During the pandemic Shanghai was put on a serious lockdown that made the news. People were foricibly locked into their apartments and many went to their balconies to protest. The regional governor here was a political opponent to president Xi. Was the lockdown treatment here politically motivated?

Grabbed a tiny snack before I left the area. Raspberry and vanilla cheesecake with a splash of sorbet. I saw the Raspberry and it reminded me of home (Raspberry Ridge).

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