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To the WuMart

Less than three kilometers away we have a WuMart. It’s a larger grocery chain that I think has a housewares department. I haven’t seen anything that resembles what we would call a large grocery store yet here. I’ve been to the small mom and pop places. I’ve been to a wet market. Will try and get to the WuMart today. It sounds like Walmart in my head. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Just back. Here’s the third floor housewares.

Second floor was a large grocery store similar to what we would see in the states. I ended up purchasing some nicer pillows for my bed, a duvet, a duvet cover, some sheets, and some soap. I have a thing about soap. It has to smell all citrusy. Lemon. Orange. It’s my thing. I spent about $100. Such a deal.

Speaking of shopping, I had my first rip off type purchase via TaoBao. I purchased two rugs. One for the living room area that’s 2m x 3m. The other was a long thin one for my kitchen area that matches the style. The smaller one showed up. It’s a picture of a rug printed on some sort of foam. Ugh. Not sure what to expect when the big one shows up. Might be my first return. Hope it’s not too difficult to return items. Lesson learned.

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