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Train to Beijing

Spring break!!! It's only three days off next week, but I don't mind. I'll take a five day weekend where I get to check off a bucket list item. I've had The Forbidden City on my mind all week. I lined up a four hour tour with an English speaking guide. I'm in a taxi right now headed to the train station to meet up with Ivy right now.

We'll have a four and a half hour ride to Beijing. Maybe watch a movie on my computer. Play some cribbage. Read. I wonder if being excited to get there will make the trip go fast. Probably not.

Our guide tomorrow is Dong Mei. We had a quick exchange on WeChat today about meeting in the hotel lobby.

Ok then. It was supposed to be noon, but I won't mind meeting earlier. My desire originally was for the warmer part of the day, but it's looking like a high in the mid 70s tomorrow. Traditionally the weather is much colder this time of year in Beijing. Let's call it good karma coming back to me and I'll be happy with it. Also, we'll be done there early and can hit one of the many museums later in the day. My buddy Zach says the Peoples Liberation Army is well worth the time. It's full of war artifacts including Sherman tanks and a U2 spy plane. Relics from Korea. Might need to book tickets for that ahead of time.

This might be the most humans I've witnessed in one place that wasn't a sporting event. It's a solid block of people. We're loading at platform 7B. It goes all the way up to 30 at the far end.

This is a big travel weekend in China. Next Wednesday is a national holiday, Tomb sweeping day. Tomb Sweeping Day or Pure Brightness Festival is celebrated both in China and among members of Chinese communities around the world. The main activity that people engage in on this day is cleaning the tombs of their ancestors.

Just got on the train and we are FLYING. Holy crap this thing moves. We're currently at 350km/hr. That's 217 mph. Daaaaaaaaamn.

Last note of the day. It's Moira's birthday and I'm missing seeing her a lot. 5:55pm I'll drop here a note. That's 8:55am here on the 1st of April. It was a special time of the day on March 31st. I'll be in a taxi on the way to hang in the Hall of Supreme Harmony with Ivy and Schmelmo. Love you, Pnut.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Apr 19, 2023

So, the train ride would be similar to your driving? lmao!


Apr 01, 2023

Reading this before bed on said birthday. Love you too

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