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Travel plans

I'm looking forward to spring break and summer time. For now I'm swamped in school work, but that isn't going to stop me from making some plans.

I'm headed to Beijing when the first week of April gets here. I'll go by myself, but I'm hoping that maybe my friend Ivy will come with me. We haven't talked about it. She's gone for a month for work. No idea how realistic it is for her take any time off. Getting to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace are on the top of my list.

When summer hits I'll be headed back to Bellingham for about a month and a half. Really missing Moira lately. Would love to just sit and chat. Have some meals. Hang out with Arthur. Take Russo out for some walks with mom. Also looking forward to a golf trip with my guys.

Ran into a sort of problem today. I think I'm going to have to pay the $3000 plane ticket (round trip) myself. HIS had agreed to pay my travels fees, but that was for $3000 per year. My ticket was $8000 last year to get here (one way). They are interpreting this as bleeding my travel expenses for the following year as well. Not cool. This part of my contract isn't actually in writing. It was verbal. I'm planning to talk to my superintendent Jeff later this week. When I got hired my only question was about the lack of air expenses in the contract. This was his reply...

On travel.  China has been drafting up tax laws similar to what we have in US and sees airfare allowance as income.  We have therefore taken it out of the contracts and issued a formal statement to faculty that this benefit will now be seen as a business expense to the school and relabeled as a ‘travel supplement’ that can be used to reimburse travel and accommodations up to 3000USD per year (there will be 3 windows to submit receipts for reimbursement up to the maximum amount).  We have done something similar for tuition waivers for dependent children and 2nd year onward housing allowances (that we can explain as you are finishing first year).  Not to worry though, the benefits are still to full amounts, we just needed to reword and take specific allowances out of contracts and into contractual memos and salary/benefits schedules.  If first year travel to China exceeds the 3K, we have basic guidelines to ensure you don’t have to absorb all the additional costs.  It is unlikely that COVID travel will be so expensive next summer, but we’ve stretched for those who encountered unusually high economy air flights to China during this school year and last.  Not to worry, we take care of our folks.

Hmmm. How do I interpret this? Obviously a bit different than the school currently does. Do I print this out and slap it in front of him? How are they "stretching" by passing the extra onto me? Is it worth making an issue over this? I'm certain there are others in the same situation as me. Not sure at the moment. For the moment I rate this situation worthy of a Harumph. I'm wondering, do they plan to chop me for $2000 in year three if I plan to stay? And what if I don't? Take $2000 out of my last check?

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Beijing will be a great trip! The airfare deal is crap. Definitely would use the email in your defense. We take care of our folks! How exactly?

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