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Travel prep & Trivia

Heading out this weekend to see Aiyun in Wuxi with a quick turnaround. Next week is our 10th grade trip to Inner Mongolia. I’ll get home Sunday afternoon just in time to do some laundry and hit some golf balls before leaving Monday morning for the entire week.

Nice chats with both my aunt Wendy and Moira today. Really felt the need to hear Moira’s voice. All seems to be going well for them. Kaleb is finishing up school for the semester and Arthur is getting more verbal. Glad to hear he’s expressing himself.

Dealing with some drama amongst my 10th graders. It’s awkward to the point where one of the girls might not go on the trip. It bums me out because she’s one of my favorite students. Really hoping they can work it out before Monday rolls around. Our trip will be better for all if she joins us.

Plans for the weekend with Aiyun are to have a nice bike ride somewhere along Lake Tai (Taihu) and track down a church. My sister Marie is curious about organized religion here in China. I promised I would do some investigating this weekend. Curious to see what I can learn. Aiyun tells me there are many churches in Wuxi.

Last night to prep for all this travel and I’m going to trivia night with friends. I ended up winning a prize. Not the overall champs, but a solid effort. Always happy to score a bottle of Baileys. We will likely smash that during our next poker night. From left to right: Jeremy, Matt, Zach, and Smiley-guy.

Excited for some travel. Look forward to sharing some updates soon.

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