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Trivia night

I sit here typing on my phone attempting to create a blog post. Its attempt number four. The last three have vanished when I tried to save. Technology can be super frustrating. I think it has an inverse correlation to its expected consistency. We expect it to work because it generally does. When it doesn't...

Last night I hit trivia night at Share's Bar. Share's is predominantly an expat bar. Two of the teachers here run this monthly, but it hasn't happened since October. Next one is planned for the end of March. My buddies Zach and Jeremy joined me to make a team. Another friend Matt joined us at the bar. We ended up fourth out of five teams, but only two points out of second. Who knew Horus and Ra are identical with the exception of the icon over their head?

OMG. After a restart I was able to save this, open it up again, and keep typing. Heavy sigh of relief.

It's been great having a good friend with a car at times. The taxis here are cheap and easy to use, but I miss the convenience of my own car. Jeremy's car has the craziest color. It's chameleon.

Here in the garage area it looks purple or blue. Outside in the sun it can have shades of green too.

Should be an easy day at work. 8th graders are on a day long field trip and my 12th graders are reviewing for a test. I've got a long list of items on my list of chores to catch up on today. Tests to write. Stuff to grade. Handouts to create.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Headed to the golf course with Ronan and Athena. They're two students that I'll be taking to the ACAMIS tournament this month. My guess is Athena has some serious game. She misses a lot of school playing in tournaments across China. One of my school admin might join us too. Tune in tomorrow for a report from the golf course.

Speaking of technology issues, my TV app isn't working either. Maybe when I get back after work? Ugh.

Error messages in broken English just feel worse.

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