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Trivia night

Gathered with some friends to hit Trivia night tonight. We're missing my buddy Zach. He's a history and social studies teacher, and they seem to know everything. Going to be tough without him there, but we'll have a good time drinking and eating unhealthy food. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

I have a question I like to ask people. If you were on Jeopardy, what would be your dream categories? You know, the stuff you have down cold. It's a good way to find out people's passions. My buddy Jeremy here in Hangzhou is a car nut. Anything to do with cars he would crush. Steve is constitutional law and music. Brian is Seahawks.

My categories?

  • NFL history

  • American Civil War

  • Math

  • College mascots

  • Movies

Speaking of the NFL draft, thats the end of next week. I bummed I don't get to watch with Brian. Getting together with him to watch the first round on a Thursday night is one of my favorite events on the calendar. This year in particular with the Seahawks having two first rounders including number five overall (Thanks Russell Wilson!). Seattle hasn't picked that high since Aaron Curry. You're thinking Aaron who? Yeah. Exactly. I started watching the draft annually around 1990. Who else remembers the Kennedy, Wooden, Balckman draft? They got Chris Warren later in that draft too. It was a good one. Too bad the Seahawks sucked pretty bad for over a decade. Yes, I remember waiting 25 years to see my team win a playoff game. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to sneak out of my classroom and get back to my apartment to watch some of the draft. Fingers crossed.

In my history of watching the draft I've called out a Seahawk pick two times outside the first round. Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett. I remember watching with my ex-wife before the Wilson pick. I leaned over to her and said "Russell Wilson". Seconds later Seattle selected him. She was like, who's that guy? It just felt like a Pete Carroll pick. It was the attitude and demeanor. Lockett was the same thing. They needed a punt returning WR. It just fit.

Poker tomorrow night. Maybe I'll remember to take some pictures.

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