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Trivia Night! Frisbee night!

Met with a large gaggle of teachers at a local ex-Pat bar for trivia night. One of the counselors and her husband that teaches science we're in charge of the trivia. My team did not fair well, and I felt like I didn't contribute much. I learned that my international knowledge is very limited outside of some basic geography. A fun time. I'm sure I'll attend again next month.

Getting ready to head outside for Friday Night Lights. A group of staff members holds an ultimate frisbee game each week until the weather gets too cold. Not super competitive. I'll report back.

Ok, a bit competitive, but still super fun. A friend took these pics for us on the 5th floor just outside my apartment. If you've been reading my stuff for a while you might remember when I overdid it on a bike ride and thought my heart might explode...yeah, similar over exertion, but not as bad. Popped some Advil and we'll see how I feel in the morning.

In other news I finally put some artwork on the walls of my classroom. Went with a Kandinsky and an Escher. The walls are concrete, so I had to hang them from the ceiling using a metal wire designed for such a task. The art department folks were super helpful with this. I think they were excited about seeing a math teacher hang art on his walls.

We get a three day weekend. No school Monday. It's weird that some people have to work Sunday because they get Monday off. It's for the mid-autumn festival. They feast on something called Mooncakes. Will have to look into that.

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