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Trivia Night! Frisbee night!

Met with a large gaggle of teachers at a local ex-Pat bar for trivia night. One of the counselors and her husband that teaches science we're in charge of the trivia. My team did not fair well, and I felt like I didn't contribute much. I learned that my international knowledge is very limited outside of some basic geography. A fun time. I'm sure I'll attend again next month.

Getting ready to head outside for Friday Night Lights. A group of staff members holds an ultimate frisbee game each week until the weather gets too cold. Not super competitive. I'll report back.

Ok, a bit competitive, but still super fun. A friend took these pics for us on the 5th floor just outside my apartment. If you've been reading my stuff for a while you might remember when I overdid it on a bike ride and thought my heart might explode...yeah, similar over exertion, but not as bad. Popped some Advil and we'll see how I feel in the morning.

In other news I finally put some artwork on the walls of my classroom. Went with a Kandinsky and an Escher. The walls are concrete, so I had to hang them from the ceiling using a metal wire designed for such a task. The art department folks were super helpful with this. I think they were excited about seeing a math teacher hang art on his walls.

We get a three day weekend. No school Monday. It's weird that some people have to work Sunday because they get Monday off. It's for the mid-autumn festival. They feast on something called Mooncakes. Will have to look into that.

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14 sept 2022

Can't remember if I saw this from you or someone else, so at the risk of looping internet items...

Art from everyday stuff.

Me gusta

Glad to see you out there mixing it up with the young folks! Curious about the trivia. Was it similar to what we do? Seems like it may have been more international.

Me gusta
David Shick!
David Shick!
09 sept 2022
Contestando a

I w0uld call it similar, but questions that focused on more international areas. There was a group of four Chinese presidents. Name them all. No chance. Rivers that run through capital cities. None in North America. Several from Asia. There was a section that I did well on. It was small portions of movie posters. Rocked that, but several in my group know quite a few too.

Me gusta
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