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Tummy and school update

Feeling much better. Nurse at the school was able to give me some medication for upset stomach and diarrhea. Worked well and after a day of feeling empty I was able to successfully sit on a toilet with a healthy outcome. How weird does that sound?

Big difference between public and private school. At my old school a nurse couldn't give so much as an aspirin. Speaking of differences, here's some other random things I've noticed when it comes to differences.

Admin has specifically told me not to discuss certain things with other staff. Salaries and compensation situations. In general I have to say F that.

Another bizarre situation came up recently. I had two boys that I kept after class. I laid into them and let them know that things had to change or their parents were going to be involved in changing their behavior. I showed them the email that I had prepared and only needed to click send. Immediately after this happened one of the boys went to my superintendent (yes, the super) and told him that I'm called "clown" in front of the class. I had an admin come to investigate fully understood the situation. However, the super never talked to me. I have no idea what he thinks about this entire fiasco. I said to the kid "sit down clown". I say it a lot. Thanks, Kale Saur. I learned it from Kale back in 1994. He was a sprinter that said it after a race. It stuck. When I said this to the boy it wasn't in front of the class and I don't think anyone else heard it. The admin that came and talked to me fully understood. That said, there was no other follow up. I won't just let it go. I'll go seek an update and let it be known where in stand in the issue. If admin won't communicate with the parents I certainly will.

I caught wind today that the same boy did the exact same thing again with another teacher. The kid isn't a good student. He got in trouble in class and responded by going to the super again. This time he said the teacher was picking on him. I went and talked to the teacher and she's distraught. Admin hasn't followed up with her and she doesn't feel supported by the admin at all. Neither of us know what consequences the boy has faced. Perhaps none. It's another sign of admin keeping teachers isolated. It just feels wrong. Not once have we had a meeting with a group of teachers, parents, and a kid. What's the boy learning here? His perception that he is above consequences seems to be justified.

Don't get me wrong. Kids here are largely hard working and great, but the small group of trouble makers don't ever seem to face any consequences. That's just messed up. It feels like admin have to cater to wealthy parents that are paying a hefty price to have their kids here. There's a repetitive theme whispered amongst staff that we aren't allowed to criticize kids for any reason. It's a constant, "what does the kid do well?" and "what can they do better?". That's it. No other conversations are permitted.

Okay. Rant over. Looking forward to classes tomorrow. Overall, this is still a fun job and I'm glad I get paid to have fun doing it.

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You know, this doesn't sound too far from a certain public school in Laurel, Washington. It is arguably also happening in our legal system to an extent. Lack of consequences.


Mar 23, 2023

Hmm. Lack of consequences, huh?

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