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Ugh, head cold

It's going to be a full day of being on the couch. Had considered heading out for a round of golf early this morning, but two factors led to me staying in.

Two factors? Well, having a cold sucks. I know I need the rest. However, I was awake at 1:30am because my mom called me. I've been trying to get a hold of her daily for a solid week. She doesn't answer her phone very often. She's more likely to call me. Due to her dementia the 15 hour time difference doesn't mean much to her. Not her fault. Her buddy Steve at the assisted living facility passed away yesterday. She not thrilled about living there. Losing Steve makes it worse. We had a pretty good routine before I came to China. When I get home next summer I'm sure we will get back into the same flow. My heart breaks for her at the moment. I couldn't get back to sleep.

Currently watching the UW Huskies and USC Trojans. It's a crazy offensive game. 63 points in the first half. Two future NFL quarterbacks making college kids look like college kids. The William's kid at USC screams number one overall pick in next years NFL draft. I haven't seen much of him, but I've seen enough. Maybe the best quarterback prospect I've watched since Andrew Luck back in 2013.

Our girls and boys at Hangzhou International School (HIS) wrapped up their volleyball season yesterday. The boys played well and earned third place in their final tournament. The girls went undefeated and won a title. It was fairly exciting. Dropped the first set. Won the second set. Third set is only to 15 points. They had a 14-8 lead and the other team rattled off 7 straight points to take a 14-15 point lead. Have to win by 2. HIS ends up scoring three straight to end it, but it was really four straight. Opposing coach tries to call a timeout at one point. Ref doesn't give it to him. HIS girls serves an ace. They complain and end up taking the point off the board. Didn't matter in the end. Here was the final two minutes of the game.

In other news I've been trained to be an Asian in at least one regard. Im officially shoe trained. They come off at the door and you put on your house shoes/slippers. I used to just walk around my house or apartment in socks all the time. No more. There's a logic in that I see now.

These slippers are on my feet 100% of the time in my apartment. They come off at the door 100% of the time when I leave. Now, will this stick when I arrive back in the states? Yeah, I think so.

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Exciting tournament!!!

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