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Visiting Aiyun in Wuxi

Headed up to Wuxi to see Aiyun again. We've enjoyed our time together enough during our first two visits to have a third date. She's kind. She's smart. She's pretty. We're already talking about her coming down to Hangzhou next week as well.

Her apartment is typical for what I've seen in China, but her's is a bit newer. She purchased it five years ago and only has about three years left to pay it off. You could call it three bedrooms, but the master is small, and the other two rooms get progressively smaller. The smallest is more like a large closet with a bed. She uses it for storage mostly.

We spent the afternoon walking and talking our way through Xinzhou Ecological Garden. Too many pictures to choose from. Lots of small ponds, trees, and wide walking paths. The Chinese cities I've visited all have an abundance of parks like this. Wuxi had a population of about 6 million. Yeah, that's three times Seattle.

We stopped by her office to see where she works. It's a company called Wartsila out of Finland that makes propellers and propulsion systems for large ships. The blades you see here are all taller than I am.

An adventurous day of eating trying Cantonese and Korean. My two favorite items were the Abalone and a beef turnip dish. The turnips were soaked in beef broth. So good. Just above the turnip dish there are two small dishes that contain a spicy Korean item. All the Korean restaurants I've been to here bring them out and serve them as an appetizer. It's pickled cucumber and cabbage that are soaked in a spicy sauce. They're always surprisingly crisp and crunchy.

I feel like I've dated a bunch now in China. It's been good to meet different women and learn more about the dating culture here. In general Chinese women are kind and humble. The Chinese women I've dated were all born in the early 70s. Largely they were treated as second class citizens as sons were more desirable.

Aiyun and her sister Aihua we're lucky. Their parents were more open minded and they were raised in loving family. They also have a brother named Xiang. Aiyun tells me he was treated a bit differently as a child, but she credits this to him being the youngest. Being the youngest of three brothers I can relate. I was spoiled too.

I'm off the dating apps and I'm focused on spending time only with Aiyun. She's a special lady and I want to learn more about her and what makes her happy. That said, I'm not kidding myself. I'm hear in China for another year. If we have long term possibilities we're going to have to spend as much time as we can together to decide if (and where) we have a future together. It feels weird that I'm headed home to the states for five weeks. I know I'll miss her even though we've only spent a short time together.

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Jun 24, 2023

Kim chee?


Jun 18, 2023

Glad you two are able to spend time together. Does she know who Phog Allen is yet?

David Shick!
David Shick!
Jun 19, 2023
Replying to

September and that's a lock. We've watched sprint car races together already. She picked the orange car to win, and it did. Exciting times. More importantly, who was the first coach in Kansas history? Oh, the dude that invented the game. Yeah, so they have that going for them at KU. Which of course, is nice.

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