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Water anyone?

If you sit down in a restaurant for dinner anywhere in China you can expect to receive a glass of water, but be prepared to be surprised. It's going to be warm to borderline hot water.

Chinese folk will tell you it's a health thing. Hot water is better for digestion. This is true even when it's horribly hot out. When I arrived this last summer it's was over forty degrees Celsius (well over 100 F). The humidity put the heat index near 120 F. Colored me shocked when I got my first glass of hot water when I was really looking forward to some COLD water.

Actually, the very first meal I remember having in a restaurant by myself I got a small pitcher of cold green tea. That was the only time I was given any form of cold beverage. That was a Japanese sushi place. Every time since then it's been hot.

Some updates and other news:

  • I developed a slight sore throat and a stuffed nose yesterday. Daisy (recently met) bought me freshly made chicken soup and had it delivered to me. Super sweet of her. Extra mushrooms! Pic below. Watch out for the bones. Feeling much better on Monday morning. Others that have had this bug told me lasted about a week.

  • My ankle continues to improve, but it's a slow process. I've learned my lesson here. Going to wait several weeks before trying to do anything too athletic, and I won't be pushing myself too hard.

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Forgot to mention that I hope you don't plan on bringing that Communist hot water thing back to the States. Seems downright un-American, like fluoride in our water.


Did you see the Hawks game?! Walker is looking like a nice pick. He handled himself well in the post game interview as well. The D is starting to gel. And the team is fun to root for.

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Lucas is an Archbishop Murphy alum. He also did Mock

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