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Weather is changing

Holy F! Did it get cold today. Two days ago it got up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I made my three minute walk to school this morning about 6:30am and it was noticeably colder. Just a few minutes ago (around noon) I had to walk next door to the next building to get some poster paper for a project. The temperature dropped FAST! It has to be freezing out there now. Where did that come from!?!??!!

Here's my next week...

Dang. That escalated quickly. So I'm freezing today. I head down to the "Dragon Shop" where they sell clothing and such. I buy my first ever XXXL article of clothing, and it's a bit of a tight fit. Ouch, my ego. It's a zipup jacket. It's now the warmest thing I own. I brought a couple of quarter zip pull overs with me, but nothing heavy.

It's 7:00pm and I head back to my apartment. It's been a long day grading and creating new material. This was one of the reasons I came here. To get creative again and not have so much material to fall back on. It's lightly snowing outside. I'm guessing we may have a dusting in the morning, but probably not much else.

The clothing thing I mentioned above is going to be a problem. There's no chance I can go into a store and purchase an article of clothing that will fit me. I can't even find anything on Tao Bao. I've asked a few of the larger dudes that have lived here a while and they tell me a tailor is the best option. I can have decent clothing made fairly cheap. However, they all say that it's a trip to Shanghai to make this happen. Ugh. Maybe an adventure when my five week break hits. I've only got three more weeks of school I'm until then.

In other news the Christmas season is upon us. I've purchased my own little tree and some decorations. The big tree went up I. The school entry way. Not bad...

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