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Welcome home Lawrences

Just over 30 years ago I was hired at Meridian High School. Steve Lawrence was hired at the same time. We've been buddies ever since. Fairly serious golfing buddies this past ten years. Softball buddies before that. He and Nancy return home tonight from their vacation in France. The plan is to head up to the Vancouver airport in BC tonight with Tony and surprise them.

Lunch with Paige Shumway and Mike Durkee today. Looking forward to that. Paige taught our ESL (English as a second language) classes through the years and we shared a lot of the same students. I taught a class called PreAlgebra where they would place students that arrived from foreign countries with low math skills. Paige also taught in an international school in Turkey as well.

Speaking of lunches, Andy D recommended a book for me to read yesterday. After I was telling him about the levels of misogyny I've experienced he thought I might like to read Wild Swans. We both embrace the idea of being curious over being judgmental. Got it ordered on Amazon today. Apparently this book is banned in China. Yeah, I'm that sort of troublemaker.

Was great to see Steve and Nancy when we picked them up. Got to hear some of the details of their trip to France and Barcelona. They posted quite a bit on Facebook about their trip, but I gave up on that platform twice and don't ever see myself going back there again.

Last note of the day. Snuck in nine holes of golf this afternoon. Started out with an eagle on the first hole. Dunked it from about 60 yards. Crazy round. Only one par on the ninth hole. Played nine over par on the middle seven holes. As well as I played two days ago matched the embarrassment of most of my round today.

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Paige Shumway
Paige Shumway
Jul 21, 2023

So good to see you and Durk! Thanks for the great lunch and convo. Enjoy golfing with Steve.

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