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Note: I wrote this paragraph after reading this post to myself. I write a lot about me. Makes me feel sort of selfish. I guess that's what this blog is, a record of what I'm doing in China. I need to write more about other people and things in China. I'll get to work on that...

In a taxi headed to the golf course on a Saturday morning. It's 5:30am and I'm excited to play. I have no expectations for any good play. My last trip to the driving range yielded sketchy results. My body felt awful that day and my ability to swing freely was awful. Today I'm feeling much better. I haven't played in quite some time. I guess it's been about a month. I have a feeling that when I'm back in Bellingham this summer I'm going to be playing a lot. Getting out and playing this early will save me about $100USD. I expect to drop about $200USD on getting a round in today. Good times.

The last two days have been hectic making initial preparations for China Trips. As the 9th grade level leader (GLL) a lot will fall on me this next month. Groupings of kids into rooms and activity teams, communicating with parents, students, and my advisor team. tshirt coordination, logistics with the guide services, travel arrangements with the travel agent, hotels, meals...It's going to make me earn that extra GLL pay. I don't mind. I'm made for this sort of thing.

I'm a contingency planner and an organizer. It's what I do and it gives me a warm fuzzy. I'm feeling out my team at the moment and trying to find out who wants specific responsibilities. Where do their passions lie? It's helps with the delegation of roles. Another interesting note, there's a service aspect to our trip. Kids and advisors (56 total) will be building a greenhouse for a local community as a service project. More coordination and planning that I get to be involved with. Eye on the prize. It'll be cool when we finish and get to see a piece of awesomeness that we built for a community.

I taught my last lesson of the year to my 12s yesterday. I mentioned that I was feeling anxious about the material (complex numbers) and had to put in some extra time doing research. Success! It went well and the kids enjoyed it. Some days the kids walk out the door and you get to pump the fist with that "nailed it" feeling. We only have four ninety minute blocks together this year before they start three weeks of diploma program (DP) exams. We'll spend this last few sessions looking at old tests to review. It's the culmination of a two year program for these kids covering lots of the calculus and a fair amount of statistics.

Tomorrow I have a birthday soirée for Aluna, Richard and Anita's two year old daughter. They live in my apartment complex. Anita is my yoga instructor and Richard is a friend that joins in on some poker nights. Richard has big time WOO, just like Andy Donahue. WOO is the "win over others" component of the strengths finder persinality profile. I'm going to get together with Ivy this afternoon. We will need to hit a mall to find a two year old girl birthday present. I'll try to buy something other than a stuffed animal. Maybe something cool like a chess board or a set of poker chips? Hmmm.

I'm considering a trip to Xian at the end of the month. International Labor Day is the first Monday of next month and I'll have a three day weekend. If I'm going to do this I'll need to coordinate with my travel buddy Ivy today.

Just finished my round and headed home. Teed off at 6:30. Its now 9:10. Burned around the course with a nice dude named Chris. Todays caddie was Jenny (Lo Jun Jen). We had a great time. Lots of laughs and smiles for all. Shot an 86. Nine pars and a missed birdie putt inside two feet. Good times. Short game was a disaster, but that's not a surprise when not playing much. Didn't catch a single up and down. Not sure when I'll get out again.

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