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What Snake?

We have a group WeChat for our apartment complex. It’s been nice to be in communication with all the other teacher residents here on campus.

Jaime took this picture and shared it with everyone with the caption “snake”.

So if course I have to reply with, “What snake? Am I visually impaired?” I’m thinking 10 foot Boa. Maybe Anaconda. Something that might swallow a cow. Thankfully Ruth was quick to respond with…

Ok then. The crack in the concrete is really a snake. Go it. Well I just had to go investigate. I was on my way out anyway so I took this closeup.

Which of course lead to these replies in the thread.

Apparently it’s a dangerous snake. Noted. You are now free to go about your day feeling secure that you can walk outside knowing you are not likely to die from a set of fangs. You’re welcome for this reassuring happy thought that the poisonous ones are living near….me.

Added note: if you examine that last pic I’ll direct your attention to my apartment number. Yeah. The Penthouse. All the dudes reading this my age are immediately thinking “I never thought this would happen to me…” Ah, memories of the Penthouse forum. The only part of a porn rag that we ever read. Except for Playboy, all the writing was good. Yep, I’m sure it was.

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3 comentarios

Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
03 sept 2022

Why does it have to be snakes!? WHAT!!!! another movie reference! that is two in less than a decade... of note neither was a Godfather reference-so there is that :|

Me gusta

30 ago 2022

I wouldn't worry too much. Since I'm in staff training right now I have time to research venomous snakes in Southern China and have discovered that there are only 35 kinds. This one looks like it might be a Red Necked Keelback. If bitten and venomized (is that a word?) you will hemorraghe in your brain so that should be fun.

Me gusta

29 ago 2022

Danger noodle!

Me gusta
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