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Woodland Park Zoo

Took Moira, Kaleb, Arthur and mom to the Woodland Park Zoo today. Arthur got to pet a goat.

He was fascinated most with the flamboyance of flamingos. Yeah, that's a thing. Apparently flamingos are just fabulous. You can look it up. I did.

I didn't take near enough pictures, but the blue cobra was cool and worthy. Good times.

Headed over to Tony's place tonight for cribbage and dinner. First legit steak I've had in a long time. Medium rare filet. My compliments to the chef.

Got in some cribbage and watched a sprint car race. Was nice to sit around and listen to the fellas rip each other apart. Verbal evisceration as a form of love and respect. I've missed cribbage nights with the fellas.

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1 Comment

Jul 15, 2023

Good times Dave!

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