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World Cup 2: Knockout

Currently watching the Americans getting beat by the Dutch 2-0 at half. There's a dude yelling "F&$K USA!" occasionally at the top of his lungs in the bar. Interesting. He looks like he's fairly wasted and wouldn't mind picking a fight with one of the Americans here at the bar. Angry at life? Mom didn't hug him enough? Here. You decide...

I picked the Dutch 2-1 in my bracket. Hoping the Yanks get a goal here in the second half to get me an extra point.

Just crawling into bed. That goal happened and I thought I was golden, but of course the Dutch scored again. Before I left the bar there was a crowd of us sorting out taxi strategy back to our apartments. The dude above approached me and stuck out his hand. "Your team played well". Okay? That was weird. I smiled and said thanks. I'm thinking I'm the least nationalistic guy in the room and he picks me to engage. Maybe I was giving off a disappointed vibe because I lost my extra "get the score right in my bracket" point. Here's my picks for the rest of this adventure. I think Ted and Geraldine would approve. Goooooo Messi!

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CIA….he’s just trying to be the least American white guy as part of his disguise. What else did he talk to you/recruit about? Or can you tell us?

Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
06 de dez. de 2022
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Hey, your buddies with Ted... this guy ain't got nothin' on Ted.

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