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Wuxi weekend

Back on the train heading home to Hangzhou. It's about a two hour ride today. It varies from trip to trip depending on which station you go to and how many stops. The one today is a bit longer of a trip, but I don't mind. I'm getting used to the solitude and having time to write.

I arrived in Wuxi late Friday night as Aiyun had classes to teach and wouldn't be done until after 8:00. Saturday morning she made me breakfast. Several traditional Chinese items on the table.

Baozi are the steamed rice muffins that are filled with veggies or meat. I like the veggie ones best. Matsutake are the rice dumplings that are mixed with mushrooms and wrapped in a rice casing. Tea eggs are hard boiled eggs that are soaked overnight in tea. The orange bag had slices of bread in it to make a breakfast sandwich out of a fried egg and bacon. She made that because she noticed it's what I always make when we've been at a hotel and there's a buffet. Lastly, a mocha from Starbucks. Such a sweet lady.

Yes, I cleaned up the dishes afterwards. That was a tough sell. She didn't want me to, but I insisted.

After breakfast we packed and headed out to a park that's near her home. We wandered a bit and saw the traditional Chinese family weekend. Many set up tents for the day and spend the day in the park. It's kind of their version of camping. I've noticed this in lots of cities in China.

For those with very young children there was a large children's activity center. Lots going on all around that building.

We found a quiet place in the park on a large rock next to a pond to play a game of cribbage. She's improving quite a bit. It was very close in the end and I won by pegging out on her. Instantly thought of Mike D knowing that would make him smile.

We meandered a bit around the park and eventually made it back to her place to watch a couple of movies. It was nice to sit on the couch and relax. Aiyun knows I like seafood, so she surprised me with dinner at a special place. All sorts of special seafood from around the world. A bit pricey, but soooooo good. First step when you enter is to select what you want from the big board on the wall.

You name it, it's probably on the wall. We went with Lobster, crab, abalone, oysters, and a funky kind of shrimp. All of it soaked it butter and garlic. Perfect. Add in some egg fried rice and we were STUFFED after the meal. All the tables in this restaurant were in their own separate rooms. They're designed for large groups to dine together. Big lazy-susan in the middle of the table to eat family style. Fairly typical of a nicer Chinese restaurant. The elephant picture? Apparently the symbol above us means good luck in your marriage. Aiyun got a chuckle out of that.

Planning on joining my golf buddy Ian tonight for some screen golf. Good times with Ian, Grady, and Meady in the pic below. We're thinking this might be a potential practice spot for our golf team on a Thursday in the near future. We have a lot of kids that have parents that golf too. He had the great idea of getting the parents to come play too. Hoping we can make that happen.

Last thought of the day. Halloween is nearly here. These were pumpkins that I carved with Moira a couple of years ago. Miss you Pnut. Hope Arthur has a fun Halloween.

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