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Xianghu Lake

My friend Ye took me to another lake today. It's very close to Hangzhou International School (HIS). HIS backs up to a small mountain (hill). My apartment building is called Mountain View because I the hill is just outside my window. On the other side is Xianghu Lake. Ye told me it was bigger than the world famous West Lake and she likes it better. I could see why soon after arriving.

Xianghu wasn't crowded and offered beautiful views in all directions. It's a great place for a long quiet walk. It's a different vibe than West Lake in that it doesn't have the restaurants on all sides and it lacks a certain "moving" vibe that West Lake has with all the people.

So we're just sitting in a shady area enjoying the gentle breeze blowing by and this happened...

So awesome. The gal was going through this routine over and over practicing and the guy filming was giving feed back. So fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.

We hit a tiny little hidden place near the lake for lunch. The place was hopping crazy with cumstomers (of course a sign that she picked a good place). They were serving customer 90 when we arrived. We were number 126. It was worth the wait. I had beef noodles and she had pork loin noddles. It was awesome. The flavors of the spices and onions just exploded together. Another great meal.

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Reminds me a little of Padden. Enjoying your posts!


That looks so good! What a treat!

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