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I had a buddy recommend this area to me after I let him know I was headed back to Shanghai for part of the weekend. It's a economic redevelopment zone in the center of Shanghai. Office spaces, shopping, and a ton of restaurants. The space has turned into an expatriate hangout for Americans. I haven't seen this many caucasian people in one place since I left the states. Also of note, I'm told this is the area where Yao Ming lives. If you're asking who, Yao is probably the most popular man in all of China. He was a ginormous basketball player.

I roamed a bit. Hit a Starbucks. Had some Japanese food and a beer. Got in very late so needed to crash after feeling exhausted from my week. It's been nice having a free class all week (no 12th graders due to testing), but the extra burdens of the upcoming China Trips affair are keeping me busy.

Some window shopping. Hoping to buy some souvenirs in the next two days. Looking forward to roaming the Bund area more tomorrow. Also planning on hitting an area called Tianzifang. It's similar to the hutongs in Beijing. Lots of narrow alleys with small shops. Should have some luck hunting for trinkets. I need some decorations for my apartment.

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