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Xmas present to myself

My first poker night felt like a real success and I've been wanting to try and make it a regular thing. To prepare for this I wanted to buy a real poker table, or at least a table topper. Here's my Christmas present to myself.

It's way nicer and bigger than I anticipated. I purposefully bought the larger one. I was a bit worried about the surface. My hope was that it would have some cushion to it to make shuffling easier, and it certainly does. It's much higher quality than I anticipated for only about $100USD. I guess buying it here where it's manufactured makes a giant difference. Actually, I found similar tables on Amazon for about $135. Not that much more.

It's been super cold the past two days because of the wind. I opted not to hit the driving range. My plan now is to get in a round of golf the day after Christmas when the cost will be cheaper. As of now the forecast is for around fifty degrees Fahrenheit on the 26th. I didn't get together with Daisy yesterday because she was feeling feverish. Well, I wouldn't have minded hanging out together and watching a movie, but understandable that she didn't want to get together. I ended up lounging on the couch for an entire day watching movies and eating poorly. Ugh. As I head to bed I feel like such a sloth. Not good. Probably watch some football in the morning followed by some "other" football at night. Go Argentina!

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