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Yoga and meditation

When I moved out of my house ending my thirty year relationship with my ex wife four years ago I was struggling badly. Up until that point in my life I didn't really know what depression was. What I remember most about it was the physical toll it took on the body. Utter exhaustion and a feeling of physical helplessness. I spent a lot of time flat on the couch of the condo I was renting in Birch Bay. I knew I needed to do something to dig out of the hole I was in, and it's not hyperbole to suggest that my yoga teacher Maureen saved my life. I made it through some dark times.

I got on the InterGoogle and searched for "Blaine Yoga". Sage Butterfly Yoga was the only option. I called the number and heard back quickly from my teacher to be, Maureen. I gave her my quick story over the phone and she immediately suggested I download the app Insight Timer. I've been hooked ever since. Ten minutes every morning and another ten when my head hits the pillow. Each morning I set an intention for the day and each evening I reflect on how I did. It's helps to keep me accountable. Most of the time my intention revolves around finding something to do for someone else. It's what makes me feel best. These are my three favorite guided mediations that I keep going back to.

I discovered several new mentors on Insight Timer. Sarah Blondin was one of my favorites. She lives just across the border in Canada. Noah Elkreif gave me perspective on dealing with the end of relationships. Tara Brach helped me to better understand anger. And then there's Eckhart Tolle. Who knew that just being still and being present was so important? Well, I guess Eckhart knew.

Maureen is a wonderful person. I appreciate the gifts she has shared with me. She was very easy to talk to and never judgmental. She watched me grow a bit and we shared our stories after class now and then. I'm still the same person as I've always been, but perhaps more self aware. I miss yoga class with Maureen quite a bit. She has a few YouTube videos that I use from time to time, but it's not near the same.

Why write about this now? One of the ladies in my apartment complex has started offering a yoga class. Anita has a great gentle positive vibe about her and our first class this past Wednesday after school was perfect. My Achilles' tendon is still hurting, but I was able to walk away without making it worse. We had about ten people there and all were grateful. If she has time Anita may start a Saturday class too. Some of it may get a bit too strenuous for me, but I know my limits and will continue to be gentle on myself. If I overdo it I don't have a problem collapsing into extended child for a bit to rest. Easily my favorite pose.

I can't recommend yoga practice enough. There are lots of forms and levels of intensity. I liked Maureen's classes and the "gentle" class at 3 OMS in downtown Bellingham the best. It wasn't about a workout for me. It was much more stretching and relaxing my mind. I've had a tendency to get wound too tightly. Yoga helps there, and I'm not sure I would still be here without it. Thanks again, Maureen. You're a life saver. Miss you bunches.

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Nov 11, 2022

You warm my heart, dear David. It is such a gift to have you in my life as well. I miss seeing you both in person and through zoom, but love to feel your presence in your daily posts. And wonderful that you have an opportunity to practice yoga there as well! (I keep thinking maybe you will set your alarm for whatever weird time it would be on your end and I'll see you in one of my classes.):) In the meantime, you are in my prayers every single day. love & blessings, Maureen

David Shick!
David Shick!
Nov 13, 2022
Replying to

2:00 am yoga class? I could swing that some time. Certainly in January when I get to go a whole month without school. I think about it every time I see your emails with reminders about class times. :)

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