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Yunnan Day 4

OMG. A day without drama. I was up early and wanted to get cleaned up and prepared to go. We are leaving the village of Liming today and headed back to the big city of Lijiang.

No water in the shower. Dang. Oh well. PTA (pits tits and ass) bath with a bottle of water and a towel. I'll survive. Water out throughout the town. Glad it came back on around 7:00 so all the kids and advisors had access. I got to head back to the hotel after breakfast for a quick shower.

Loaded up for the three hour ride back to Lijiang. We arrived and had lunch at a very cool restaurant/home with a great Japanese garden behind it.

The lunch was awesome, again. Every meal has been served family style.

This is how every meal is when you dine with others here in China. The idea of ordering a single meal here for each person doesn't exist in a nice restaurant. At least I haven't seen it.

This is my team for the week. From left to right, Jenny me Matt Eric Janet and Gillian. Solid group of teachers. They've been super helpful and supportive during the crazy times this week. Katie was with us too, but she took one of the boys home last night.

After lunch kids had a choice. Walk or a bike ride. I picked walk after missing out on the hike yesterday. Our path took us through fruit orchards and near a lake that's not really a lake. Nongbu told us that the area is really a large seasonal wetland. It dries up to a field in the summer and looks like a large lake in the winter.

The walking and biking group met up at a Tibetan monastery. I learned the proper way to bow and pray. Eight steps to do it right. Head, face, heart, hands down, knees down, palms up, palms down, stand. Repeat two more times.

Super friendly monks and nuns. It was a giant complex with many sections. Taking pictures inside wasn't allowed. That was a bummer because the inside areas were super cool.

We finally got a group photo in front of the monastery. Can you find me?

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