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Labor Day

Wednesday is Labor Day here in China. No school that day. Everyone has the day off nation wide. Well, almost everyone. My bank is actually open, but with limited employees. I need to transfer money back to the states and will likely do it that day. Maybe after I get a round of golf in that morning. Will be weather dependent.

Chinese employees have to do the weirdest thing anytime they get a day off. They have to work an extra Sunday to make up the day off. They never get any sort of paid leave for holidays, but they do seem to get ample sick leave when necessary.

Got out and played 18 holes on the day off. It was a tale of two nines. 48-38 for an 86. If I could put drives in play I would be scoring much better. I’ve spent a lot of time practicing with a wedge at school. My irons have been great. Short game was good today, but getting off the tee has been a serious challenge. I settled down and kept the ball in play obviously on the second nine. A lot of factors in play. Swinging too hard. Not starting the downswing with the lower body. Ugh. On a positive note I feel like a great round is just around the corner.

I might have found a new golf buddy today. His name is Gerrard. He’s from South Africa. He’s good friends with two other teachers that live in my building, Tara and Dylan. We exchanged contact information and feel confident we will get another round in together before I head back to the states. Caddy today was Tung Choi-yun. Nice kid with a positive attitude. I have to give her some credit for two of my pars. Her ability to see the breaks in the greens were a big help.

Crazy amount of rain the past two days, but starting today the next two weeks are looking pretty nice. Thinking about a long bike ride up around West Lake some day after school soon. Ever since my major crash last year I’ve been pretty tentative about being on the bike. Thinking it’s time to get back on that horse and put some more miles on the bike before I have to head back to the states. That’s a major difference here. There are wide bike paths all over the place. The cities are planned well in that regard.

Last thought of the day. Got an email from my aunt Wendy. My mom is doing well still in her new home, but the confusion associated with her dementia isn’t getting better. I’m fully prepared for her to not recognize me when I first get back. I’ve been putting some thought into that visit. My plan will be to call ahead just before I arrive so it’s not a surprise for her. When I surprised her a year ago last July it was awkward for her. I could tell immediately she was confused. I was okay with it, but it was hard for her. Lesson learned. Just need to plan ahead.

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I dreamt about you last night. You came back early because you had twelve days saved up for some reason and your principal told you to just take off early. We had an extra desk set up in one of the rooms (oddly we were all in the same room) and you were getting some work done there. Don't ask me how the human brain works, I have no idea. 😁

Replying to

Bizarre. Not sure what’s weirder. Me in your dream, or that I was “working” in the dream. 😂

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